Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blog #1

My favorite project we have done in stats so far was our infographic we did. I was partnered with Hannah and Ryan. We asked the Juniors and Seniors questions about our school. We had the list of names of all the upperclassmen in the school and numbered them off. We then randomly chose 20 numbers from each grade and surveyed the corresponding kid to that number.  Our questions consisted of their favorite classes, about hybrids, their star rating, schools food, their iPad's, and siblings. Once we got all the information back we took what we found and made graphs that explained our information the best. 

What worked well in my group was that we got everybody surveyed that needed to be surveyed, even though we had a difficult time doing it. What was frustrating was that not everybody in our group was not helping. Once we got everybody back on track for our project they ended up making a graph for us. For our group the post-it notes did not help. There was a person missing so it was just talking to the other teammate. 

Even though it was fun it was difficult to complete. It was hard to get everybody surveyed that we needed just because sometimes it was hard to find them, or they weren't at school. It was also hard to make sure everybody in the group was doing their work or not. Even though the graphs were fun to make to show our information, it was hard to make sure they showed what we wanted to show. We had to make sure that our graphs made sense to the audience. We ended up having to change a lot of our graphs so they made more sense. Also making sure that our graphs looked nice on the paper was hard to do. I know I spent a lot of time making sure that the graphs were on the same line and centered in the page. Looking at it now I'm glad we spent more time on that because it does look nice. 

Overall this project was a lot of fun to do. I feel like I learned a lot about how to ask the right question and get results. I also learned what to do with the results once you get them. Making it a group project was better than doing it on our own because for many people it was their first time putting a survey together so getting help from others made it a lot more beneficial. I believe that the project was very helpful start to this class. What I got from this project will help in the projects to come. 

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