Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Post High School

At the beginning of the project we had to select a population. Some groups picked people at Starbucks so we picked people in our lunch. We asked all the juniors and seniors about some after school questions towards college. We came up with a total of 39% juniors and 61% percent seniors who took the survey. Our biggest controversy was the question if people were ready or not to go to college, 62% said yes while 38% said no. I am proud with our project and the way it turned out, for the future students I think they should work hard and make an awesome survey. 

I learned this unit how to exactly make a nice looking brochure that showed all of my survey results. I learned how to crop a photo just right to make it blend in with the rest of the photos. The project was useful for a beginner in the stats class to help him get a start on the basic groundings of statistics. What we really learned as a whole reflection is the way we did sampling is really bad sampling because it is not truly random. We just asked "random" people we "randomly" picked at lunch which is not completely random. There may be some under coverage with this system and many other flaws. To truly randomly ask people we must get a list of every single kid in the school and make up system of who we ask. The list of people is a lot better way of doing it because it gives everyone in the whole sample ( the whole school ) a chance to be picked. Making this brochure was a wonderful way to start off the class of stats. 

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