Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Andrew Duit's Stats Mid Semester Post

What we had to do for this project is to create a survey using Google docs and then create and Infographic displaying the information that we had taken. We did an SRS which is a simple random sampling, which was a method on how to acquire good data and not an easy or convince sample. 

My group had done a survey on Prom. On who was going and what exactly they spent each time they went for the Sophomores, Junior and the Senior classes only at Byron Senior High School. What I learned from all of this is that we had to get random data in order for it to be even considered being valid data (all data is valid, just whether or not its the right kind of data you want.) We came up with a method on how to acquire these people we waned to have take our survey. We had a list and we needed at least twenty people from the three grades, so what we did is take the number of people in the grade and get twenty people out of it. We would get every nth person until we hit twenty, the spacing is evenly spaced so we weren't picking people we knew.
Creating the Infographic was a fun challenge. We used our design skill to come up with a layout that doesn't use a whole lot of labels only a few to say what each graph was for. We tried to make it as easily understandable as possible. We had compared boys to girls to see what end spends more money on average. 

What parts of the cycle were more difficult than you expected? Could you change anything about what you did to make it easier next time? Elaborate.

What I thought was most difficult in the cycle of creating an Infographic was, most likely trying to record all of the possible answers that people had and arrange them in to data that can make sense and be used to demonstrate what I can actually do.I do believe that the next cycle I attempt to do in a group or by myself I could do better, the main reason is I know how to approach a person with a serve is to be kind and courteous and say its for a school project and that it is only a short few questions, nothing about time. What parts of the cycle were most enjoyable or interesting? Explain why. I enjoyed when we had to assemble all of the info graphs into a single document and make it look all pretty and eye grabby. The reason I liked this is because I am a visual learner.

Here is a Link to our Infographic. 

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