Wednesday, April 1, 2015

School Infographic

This quarter my favorite assignment that I worked on was the infographic project.

To gather information for the project we did a stratified random sample of juniors and seniors at Byron High school. We gave each person on our list a survey that included questions such as "How much do you like hybrid classes" and "Do you like or dislike the cafeteria food?" We then took the information we received from the forty different responders and used them to make graphs and charts. 

It was fun to be able to learn how other students feel about our school. I also liked turning our information into pretty charts. They are much better to look at and a whole lot easier to understand and interpret. My group was able to get feedback a lot on how our graphs could be better. It was easy to learn because we were constantly getting help when we needed it. In the end I believe that all the revision was worth it because I am proud of the work we produced. For future students I would say to not worry so much about the first ones being perfect, they will get better and easier as you go.

It was also cool to learn more of the practical application of things, such as margins of error, to real-life information. Our margins of error were so huge because our sample sizes were relatively small. We could improve it by asking more students, selected by an SRS, the same questions. I like being able to learn with actual data and data that I have found myself so this was perfect for that. 

What worked really well for our group was that Emily and I got the seniors and a couple juniors and Ryan asked the juniors. The biggest improvement that we made was picking graphs that matched the type of information that we were trying to convey. I think that the feedback activity was helpful because we could see what we did and didn't want.

Some things that I learned during this unit are the margin of error and how to find it, what makes a graph look better and more appealing, and how to get people to take my survey. I also learned more about group work even though ours didn't run smoothly. Some of the specific skills do seem useful because I will be needing them in college. The project overall was useful too. I think that they tied together nicely.

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