Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Infographic survey

The thing that I remember the most from this quarter of stats is the infographic survey. It was a difficult project at first, but by the end it was easier and if you needed to make any changes on it it became even easier. Our group did a survey on college for upperclassmen.

Our survey was difficult to find the correct questions to ask at first and also to find who we should ask. Then once we had to make the graphs and find the margins of error and fit all of that onto the page without it becoming crowded and have it make sense took a while.

Since we had a lot of graphs it was hard to tell what the actual outcome was but it showed that a lot of upperclassmen are going to college.

At first our group did what we thought was a random sample. It was actually a convenience sample that wouldn't show the true population that we wanted to study. If we were to do this again we would have to do a SRS to truly find the correct population that we wanted to study

The overall project was fun and once you got into it a little more it was easy and wasn't as bad as it was in the beginning.

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