Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Throughout the quarter of Statistics, we didn't do too many projects, but even thought we didn't do many, I enjoyed making the info-graphic project. We got to learn how to properly take a survey and get the right data from it. So we took a survey of random Byron students and asked them a series of questions pertaining to their normal day routine and whether they like somethings at school, such as the lunch and what other opinions they had on things. Once we had all of the questions written down and made into a survey and people answered the questions, it was interesting to look back at the answers to see what they said compared to you. It was also fascinating to see what a certain person answered for every single answer and not just a bunch of answers for one question that you have to sort out.

My favorite part of the project was seeing the answers of other people and comparing it to what my answers would be and seeing how different school life is for individual people. My other favorite part of the project was after getting all of the information was making it into something fun and pleasant to look at. I thought this was the hardest part of the whole project, because in the beginning it's really hard to think of a theme for a bunch of data, but once you get an idea it's really fun to blend everything together and make it look really cool. After getting an idea of a theme and a general idea of how we want it to look like, we had to go through a cool website called Piktochart to make the each individual charts. It was a lot of fun to see what each graph could be made into and the diversity of the graphs. 
Overall I think that Stats was a pretty fun and enjoyed how creative people could get with their projects.

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