Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Info-graphic Poster

For our first project this quarter we did the infographic poster, we had to take a survey of Byron teachers from each school to find out gender roles in their household. In this project I had to ask the Elementary school teachers. It was difficult to find time to ask teachers. I ended up having to email the survey link to the teachers so we had some non-responses. To change this process I would have found a different time to come in and ask teachers to take the quiz to make our data more reliable. We ended up not having an equal number of men and women who took our survey so our results were not even and more biased towards men because we ended up having more men than women. After finding our results, we took all this information and made a poster. We also applied confidence intervals and margin of error to our results. 


During this project I learned how to give an accurate survey and who to give it to. To get accurate results you need a large sample size. You also need this sample to be completely random to avoid bias. After getting the survey results we learned how to take those and turn them into visually appealing graphs and charts. 

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