Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dunkin's Demographics | Erika Miller

This quarter, we were faced with the challenge to actually put what we learned in class into real life context.  For our objective, we aimed to find what drew people to Dunkin' Donuts. 

 Taking a sample size of thirty at an intermediate time frame, 9:45 to 10:30, we gave a survey of almost every single costumer that entered the coffee shop.  With our stats, we discovered what exactly Dunkin' Donut costumers were looking for when they went through the doors.  These statistics are things that Dunkin' could actually use, if they were deciding where to focus advertising or expenditures, per se.  

When doing this project, I learned a great deal.  The formulas and mathematics that we learned in class became more than just numbers on a sheet.  By putting the survey results into context, we were able to apply the formulas and actually understand what we were figuring out when we used those formulas.  Going out and gathering data was also a great experience that can be used all throughout life.  

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