Friday, January 23, 2015


    One project that I really enjoyed was the Ultimate Frisbee draft.  It felt like an MLB draft because every team had a different strategy for choosing the players that they did.  My team chose to draft based on touchdowns and total completions per player.  We didn't do very well in the simulated season, in fact we got second to last place.  After the fact we realized that we should have drafted based on some other statistics like a defensive stat or completion percentage instead of number of completions.  The whole idea behind the draft was to pick players that would win your games and ultimately win the championship.  You couldn't draft players based on just one statistic because if you did then your team would only be good in that one stat.  Your players had to be the best all around players and mix with the others to make the ultimate team.  Below is a picture of our data and power rankings.

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