Thursday, January 22, 2015

Minute to Win it Game

In this statistics class with Mr.Pethan we did several project that let us expand on the things we were learning in class. Of the project one of my favorites was the minute to win it game. We got to create a game of our choice with our team. Our group wanted to come up with a creative game that was also fun to watch. We wanted to test whether the length of the noodle affected how well the player was able to place rings into a basket.

The game of Noodles is played by using thick spaghetti noodles to pick up rings . The noodles must be held by the individual’s mouth, and they could not use any other body part or prop besides that noodle to lift each ring.  The rings then had to be placed in a “bucket”.Each person played two games: one with a full length noodle, and one game with only half of a noodle. Our group hypothesized that individuals would do better with the half length noodle because it would offer them more control. Using randomization we performed this experiment and used statkey to calculate the data, and concluded that our null hypothesis was correct. 
Overall this project was really hands on and enjoyable and I think we all had fun doing it.

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