Thursday, January 22, 2015

End of Term Post

My favorite project of the term was our Ultimate Frisbee draft. I did spent most of my time on this project and really enjoyed it. I thought that it was cool to see how some of the stuff we learned actually applied to the real world. Adding in the sports aspect also made this project particularly interesting to me. I found it very cool that people in professional sports actually spent money to hire statisticians to find the best players.
For this project I worked with Colin and Alec. We started by breaking down all of the percentages for each player. These included short catch completion, long catch completion and short defense percentage. After that we found z-scores for those three categories. by combining all of those z-scores we were able to come up a with an overall power ranking. To  check for consistency in our top players we created histograms. The histograms showed us that some of our top players were really only good in one skill. We used this information to draft a team that we felt comfortable with and in the end we won our class tournament.

 Power Rankings:

In this project we kind of combined several things that we learned in the class. We learned how to utilize data and put it into z-scores. We also learned how to place that data into charts to help support our reasoning. Finally I learned a lot more about Excel than I knew previously.

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