Friday, January 23, 2015

Jake Leif's Stats Final Quarter

During this last quarter of stats, I really learned a lot.  Were these all things that I could write down on paper or recite from memory?  No, but it was pretty much all hands on learning.  Whether it was the experimental games or the Moneyball Ultimate Frisbee project, I felt that I took different pieces of knowledge from each project.  But, out of these two, I found the Moneyball Ultimate Frisbee project to be the most helpful.
I felt that this project made a bigger impact for me because I felt like I understood it more.  Not only did Mike and I do a good job in strategically picking our team, but we both took the time to understand what we truly wanted in an ultimate frisbee team.  The equation, created by Mike, really grasped the understanding of how to choose a team based off of both offense and defense.  We were then able to apply this equation to the long list of players that we were given.  Even though we didn't win, I felt like I learned a lot through this process.  The part that made this project stand out to me, more than the others, was the fact that I now feel that I can use this information in the future.  Excel is a program that could be used for many things, and even having a basic understanding of the functions that you can use is a big help.
Now don't misunderstand me, the experimental games were also fun, but also a lot more stressful.  I also don't feel that I learned nearly as much during that project because we were so rushed on time.  The Moneyball Ultimate Frisbee project seemed more laid back and easily understandable.  I don't feel that I could go out and use my knowledge gained during the experimental games as much as I could with the knowledge I gained during the Moneyball Ultimate Frisbee project.
This final quarter of stats, obviously more project based than the first quarter, I felt was more fun than the first.  This being said, I felt that the first quarter provided more statistical knowledge and the second half seemed sloppy and rushed.  I personally think that the first and second quarter should be mixed together so that the projects are intertwined with the lessons.

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