Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Personal Hygiene Project- Emily Majewski

This project was our info-graphic assignment. This was a small group project that we completed during Statistics A in first quarter. For this project, we first had to come up with a survey. We had to think of questions that weren't bias, and that had appropriate answers to choose. For example, you couldn't have a question that asked which do you like better, apples or oranges. You had to include at least one other option that said something like "Neither" or "Other". It is important to do this so you don't get inaccurate answers from people, just because they were forced to choose one option. After we had our survey made (on Google forms) we had to do an SRS to figure out which people we were going to ask these questions. Our population of subjects was the Sophomore class at Byron High School. We obtained an alphabetical list of all the students in the class of 2017 at Byron. This list was also numbered. We went on to a random number generator website and chose the students whose number corresponded to what the generator found. All of the questions in our survey were related to personal hygiene. Because we did it on Google forums and handed people our iPad to complete it on, everything was anonymous. We had to approach them politely and ask them if they would please take a quick survey for us. This was the process of sampling that we did.

The question that I have displayed here was called "What toothpaste brand do you use?" We had three of the biggest brands in toothpaste, as well as two other options for people who didn't use one of these three brands. The two other options were "I don't know" or "Other". As you can see from this chart, the majority of people either use Colgate or Crest.

I liked doing this project because it was hands on and making the graphs and charts was fun.

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