Thursday, January 22, 2015

Infograph - Culvers

During the beginning of the first quarter, one of the first projects we did was an infograph on Culvers and what people like about the food and ice cream there. This project was very helpful to me because it showed me how to make an infograph and gather data. This project also showed me how statistics can be very helpful in finding out people's opinions towards things and what may matter to some people but not to others. 

The infograph project was really interesting to do as well as learn how to make different graphs that showed how people responded to all of our survey questions. I never knew that there were certain types of survey questions like open-ended or a scale question and how some of these types of questions are better than other. I also learned what kind of questions can cause bias, which can mess up your data if you are not careful.

Creativity is another huge part of Statistics because if a graph is boring and plain it may not interest many people, but if a graph is pretty and colorful that is another story. As long as the stuff that makes your graph look more presentable does not distract people from the story you are trying to tell, then the creativity is a good thing for presentation.

A large part of statistics is gathering data -- without data it would be hard to prove if something may be wrong or right. This project helped me learn how to properly set up a survey and ask the proper questions to those individuals. I learned the right and wrong ways data can be collected, which helped me make sure my data was good, as well as which questions may not be the most helpful. Knowing when to ask people questions helps too -- you don't want to bug someone while they may be doing something because that may bias the answer they give for your survey.

In conclusion, this project taught me a lot about statistics, including gathering data and how creativity can help other people understand more about what you are trying to tell them or teach them. If I had to do this project again, I would probably ask more questions as well as ask more people to get a larger sample size. I also learned that doing statistics projects can be a lot of fun.

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