Thursday, January 22, 2015

Zoo Stats

    My favorite project that I worked on over this past semester in Mr. Pethan's class was our Infographic project. I enjoyed getting to work with real world people and getting to know their opinions. For this, my group asked questions relating to going to the zoo. We went to Oxbow Park and asked every 5th person who entered the park to take our survey. We did this until we had about 30 surveys completed.
    After we took time to look over our surveys, enter our data, and create graphs, we chose five of our ten questions to use in our infographic. With this data, we created graphs so they would fit our theme of the zoo. This was my favorite part because it was a chance to be creative. I enjoyed creating the graphs on Piktochart and then adding different details in Excel.
    On this infographic, you can see the different questions we asked people and their responses. You can also see our margin of error for every question, and how they differentiate from each other. Some of our questions were fairly equal for their results, where others were significantly different. The most significantly different results we found were for our subjects favorite type of animal at the zoo. The majority of our subjects said they preferred mammals over any other type. This surprised me because I thought there would be more variation with how many people we surveyed.
    I enjoyed working on this project and everything it included. If I was to do it again, I would like to try and survey people at the Minnesota Zoo, especially since there are more animals at that zoo and a different array of people. I would also hopefully be able to get more than 30 people to take the survey, and get more information and a smaller margin of error.

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