Thursday, January 22, 2015

Food Preferences of Downtown Rochester

                 For our Food Preferences of Downtown Rochester project, Lia, Andrew, and I used a systematic survey and asked every fourth person that walked by the Peace Plaza downtown. Overall, we ended with twenty-nine responses. Not every person we asked agreed to take our survey, but those who did agree to take it answered a variety of different questions about food (see graphs for examples). 

                After we surveyed them, we decided which questions we thought were the most interesting. Then, we split the results between men and women and made images that portrayed their choices. It was interesting to see the answers people gave, and I was curious to see if knowing a person's gender would help you guess which answer they chose. 

               We did not have a large enough sample size to prove that knowing a person's gender would help you guess which answer they chose, but it is still a possibility that gender would make a difference. So, if I were to do this project again, or continue it in the future, my first priority would be getting a larger sample size. 

               I liked this project, because I am a hands-on learner. Instead of using random data, we actually got to collect the data this time, which I thought was very beneficial to see how the process worked up close. After we collected our data, I enjoyed making the graphs on Piktochart, because it was a new website and I got an insight on how to make your data easy to read and captivating. 

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