Thursday, January 22, 2015

Statistics Project Review

Out of all of the projects that we have done for Statistics the most enjoyable in my opinion was the Minute to Win It project. Not only did it help me understand the difference between two different types of experiments but it also introduced me to a different way of writing a paper. My partner and I took the game "Nutstacker" from the TV show Minute to Win It and changed it so participants stacked either small nuts or big nuts. We gave the players points based on how many nuts they could stack and take them back down in a minute and compared the results. We also conducted an observational study by comparing how many points guys and girls earned and looked to see if girls got more points than guys.

In the end, the results from our experiment helped us to concluded that it is plausible that the reason that players gained more points was because of bigger size of the nuts that they stacked. After conducting our experiment we had to write a technical paper which was different from the usual kind of paper that we have to write for other classes. While writing the paper I had to make sure that we stated nothing but the facts from our experiment and to make sure that it wasn't filled with fluff. I believe that writing this paper will help me out later when I'm in college and I have to write an essay for a math class. In the end this project was very helpful to me in understanding experiments and observational studies.

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