Friday, January 23, 2015


I felt like I learned the most from our Moneyball project. I also thought it was the most interesting project that we did in this class. I really enjoyed the whole project. I thought that using multiple regression data to analyze our players and choose the best ones was really interesting. I also liked using formulas in Microsoft Excel in order to analyze and rank our players. It was really cool how we could analyze thousands of data points so quickly using Excel.

I really liked the second quarter of stats a lot  more than the first. I felt like I learned a lot more from the projects that we did instead of just learning with problems like in the first quarter. I wish we could have either spread the projects out between both quarters or found a way to incorporate more projects in the first quarter.

I thought the Moneyball project was the most interesting because I felt like it was the one that really showed me a real world application for stats. During Moneyball I felt like I could honestly see myself doing something with statistics in the future, and that really excited me. I really enjoyed the Moneyball project.

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