Friday, January 23, 2015

Ultimate Frisbee -- Michelle Denney

My favorite part of this stats semester was drafting an ultimate Frisbee dream team. I really felt like I understood this project and retained a lot of the information I learned. For this project, my partner and I found the qualities of a player we considered important and ranked our players based on these qualities.

One of these qualities was the percentage of short catches attempted and short catches made. This is one of the dark purple sections on the chart above. We considered this an important quality because a player with a high completion percentage has more potential than a player who can just run fast. We calculated out the z-score of this percentage to later use in a formula.

Another quality we found important was the percentage of long catches attempted and long catches made.  This percentage is the middle dark purple column on the chart above. We found the z-score of these percentages and later put it into a formula that we used to find the overall top player of ultimate Frisbee.

The last quality we found important was the percentage of how many short catches were made when the player was defending compared to how many were attempted. We chose short catch defense instead of long catch defense because we decided it was more difficult to defend a short pass than a longer pass. This percentage is the dark purple column that is farthest to the right.

Watching Moneyball made this project easier because it made me realize that in order to be successful, you must pick the most important qualities of players and disregard other unimportant qualities.  You must figure out why certain characteristics are important in order to have a good team. Moneyball was a great example of this. Playing Ultimate Frisbee made me realize short catches, long catches, and defense are all important to being an all around successful player.

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