Thursday, January 22, 2015

What do BHS Seniors eat??

In the first few weeks of stats we started a project on Infographics.  We did ours on what Byron High School Seniors eat.  Some things that were useful to me for the rest of the semester was knowing what stats could actually be used for, also different ways of showing your data with using the least amount of words possible, and how to be creative while doing that.  

The biggest thing about stats is knowing what exactly it is used for.  Before I thought it was really boring but now I realize all that you can do with stats.  It may not be for me, but it is cool to know all you can do with it.  In this project we used stats to find out what exactly BHS Seniors eat. Knowing this information we could have brought this to the lunch ladies for ideas on what to make so that more students would buy school lunch and actually enjoy it.  The stats that we found could be used for so many things.  We could have also found out what the other grades enjoyed by having them take the same survey and compared the results.  

The next thing I learned was to try describing things in the least amount of words.  With that you can use pictures or numbers to display what you are tying to say.  This helps it become more appealing not only to the reader or the person analyzing the data but more fun to make as the designer.  This brings in the creativity.  Stats is really big on creativity -- you want your data to look appealing but also accurate.

In conclusion this project helped me learn a lot on different things you can bring into stats.  Creativity and brains, these two things can get you far in the stats world.   Throughout this quarter I have learned about different jobs involving stats and how stats can either be really fun or extremely awful.  But through it all stats was a great class to take.  This project was my absolute favorite because I liked collecting data and knowing exactly how to do it and the best ways too.  

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