Friday, January 23, 2015

Ultimate Frisbee

Throughout my Stats Experience I felt that there were many awesome projects that we did.  But the one that I felt was the best was the Ultimate Frisbee Unit.  Not only did I enjoy the playing of Ultimate Frisbee but I also liked the drafting of the players.  I learned about how to use z-score to our advantage and what attributes to use.  I also learned what attributes I should not pick.  I enjoyed playing with my team, even though we only won one game.  The reason we did Ultimate Frisbee was to show the relationship between good statistics and statistics that were not needed.  We used a spread sheet to find the attributes that we wanted, then we found a Z-score to find the power ranking.  We decided to use touchdowns, Short completions, and Long completions.  We did not use the defensive side of the spread sheet, which probably led to our downfall in the draft.  What I learned from this project is that I now know how to use the data to find what you are looking for in a person.  You can apply this to hiring people to work for a company, which is somewhat similar to drafting a player.  You could use this to try to find the best person for the job or game.  It uses statistical data to select the best overall player, instead of going by a gut feeling.

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