Thursday, January 22, 2015

Minute to Win it: Catch the Pencils

My group's project, or game,  was called catch the pencils. The object of the game was to catch as many pencils in the palm of your hand after balancing the pencils on the top of your hand. Not only did I enjoy the game but I also enjoyed the project because we had a chance to participate in other groups projects by playing in their game. each game was unique and had their own challenges. Out of all the other game we participated in I believe that the paper air plane throwing was the most fun. There is something fun about throwing paper air planes that is addicting. I think the most challenging game to play and complete was the bottle shaking game. The object of the game was to shake all of the jelly beans from one bottle into the other. That doesn't sound like a hard task but it is a lot harder than it sounds.

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