Friday, January 23, 2015

Ultimate Frisbee Project - Alec Helget

The project that I enjoyed the most in this class was the Ultimate Frisbee project.  I enjoyed applying our knowledge of z-scores and numbers to something that I could actually visualize.  Having played ultimate in the past I had some idea of what skills are important in the game to maximize your wins. This project interested me greatly because I enjoy the game of ultimate and it was a nice change to projects with numbers that you can't connect to.

Power Ranking Top 10

During this project I learned how to apply numbers and percentages to make a z-score.  I also learned how to make histograms that allowed you to accurately choose which players were the most valuable. Once we found the percentages of short throw completions, long throw completions, and short defense percentage we combined these numbers into a single z-score.  This allowed us to rank all the players in a power ranking system to determine which players were the best.  Once we reached the draft it was very easy to pick our players because we just went down the line.  Our team, drafted by Colin, Shane, and myself ended up winning the class tournament so I think the method we used worked extremely well.

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