Wednesday, January 21, 2015

GapMinder Reflection

In the course of Statistics with Mr. Warneke, my favorite project was the GapMinder project from second quarter. It was my favorite project because we got to make our own video on how different categories in the bubble chart affect others. It was interesting to see which categories had the most affect and the least affect. It was also fun to try and find categories that 'caused' the other one to change. I did the project with Sydney Brooks and we compared the income per person and the mean in years in school. In our example they were both correlated and we were unsure of the causation but still had a pretty good idea. The income per person could cause the mean years in school to change, or the mean years in school could cause the income per person to change. It was interesting to me to see that the two variables were interchangeable.
Overall, this project was very fun and interesting to me for many reasons. It was fun to create a video using GapMinder since I have never used it before. I also liked it because I learned about real world problems behind all the statistics of it. I think that this project should be kept for the future statistic classes.

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