Thursday, January 22, 2015

Zoo Statistics

Throughout the course, I enjoyed the Infographic project the most. This project displayed the results of many questions we asked people at the zoo. We created a survey of 10 zoo related questions and went to the zoo to get results. 

One reason I liked this project was because I felt it was a good introduction to everything we would be doing later on in the class. We had to create the survey, get the data, and then analyze it. Looking back on the project, I definitely feel like it was a good one to start the year off with.  It helped us learn how to use StatKey and understand the concepts of it. I felt like this project was good because it helped us take key concepts of statistics and apply them to real life. One thing this project helped us learn how to gather data correctly. For our survey, we used systematic sampling. We gave the survey to about every fifth person that we saw at the zoo. To look at our data results, statkey helped us visualize the results. I feel the infographic itself was a good representation of our data. We chose 5 questions to display that we felt were a good representation of our data. We had to keep it minimal. We strategically used colors and pictures instead of labels to help keep our graphs less crowded. 
My favorite part of this project was probably making the infographic itself. 

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